Eti(इति) is Sanskrit for ‘a new beginning’ which is what we want you to provide to our artisans and farmers. And what would be a better way to do this than by spreading it in the form of your gifts – a symbol of your love, compassion and generosity.

Your gifts to your clients, employees and loved ones are more than a formality. They are a reflection of your relation with them, having potential to unleash deeper, meaningful and long-term relationships. 

At Eti, we understand this and want to help you reach the true potential of your gift giving. We want to see you succeed in creating a more enriching relationship with your clients, employees and loved ones while supporting Indian art and craft by being a small part of it.

The story is not about us at Eti, but about you, who have taken the first step to revolutionise gifting culture and revive Indian art and craft at the same time. 

Now we invite you to go further and schedule a call with us to know more about our gifting philosophy and create a customised plan with us.

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