Pochampally – The weaving village of India

If you have ever travelled by Air India Limited, you would have seen the intricate work of weavers of Pochampally, a small village near Hyderabad that changed our land and our skies.

Silk sarees from Pochampally were specially designed for the female crew members of Air India. Pochampally also played an important role in laying the foundation for one of the largest revolutions in post-independent India – the Bhoodan Movement.

Acharya Vinobha Bhave in 1951 visited the village of Pochampally to understand the plights of the farmers and weavers and their struggles to obtain land from the government to sustain their livelihood.

A local zamindar, Rao Bahadur Gopal Rao Pochampally, then stepped up and donated 1000 acres of his own land to his village. This incident in Pochampally inspired Acharya to launch the Bhoodan movement and Pochampally has now been renamed to Bhoodan Pochampally to mark the same.

It is the stories of Rapolu Srinivas and his community (in the picture) that you will be sharing and celebrating when gifting with Eti.


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