Artisans are changing! Are you ready to give them a chance?

woman artisan sewing

The Invisible Indian Artisans

Products by Indian artisans and craftsmen are rapidly being cast aside for modern, uniform and machine made products. While the handicraft industry is the second largest employer in India with more than 7 million households dependent on it, India contributes only 0.5% to the global handicraft industry. However, change can be brought by taking small and conscious steps. As you know, Indian craftsmen utilize eco-friendly and sustainable practices for generations, but they are also transforming their products to meet the needs of modern customers. All they need is a chance. And what would be a better way than to gift their craft to your loved ones, employees or clients.

Eti – Connecting you to Artisan stories

Eti would like to help you in finding the perfect gift made by Indian craftsmen which are traditionally made yet modern, handmade but trustworthy, unique (because no two products made by hands can be exactly the same), sustainable and most certainly memorable. So, we ask again, are you ready to give them a chance?

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